It is a new decade full of exciting new adventures. The 2010s included college, Texas and starting my career. This year started off full with a North Carolina ski trip, Arizona golf trip and BYX Board meeting in Texas – more to come from these. It seems like so long ago even though it has only been a month since Arizona. March 12th was the last day I was in my office; we left for a week of the great West in Sedona, Phoenix and Scottsdale… which happened to be the week the Covid-19 ramped-up and offices around the country shuttered with shelter in place ordinances and work-from-home initiatives to “social distance”. I cannot wait to eat-out, go to a ballgame and get out of town! I am thankful for good health and the beautiful spring we have had in such a crazy unprecedented time.

Artwork by: Reese and Rowen Godfrey

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